• July 14, 2018

    at The Bell House, Brooklyn, NY

    Join Us for a Celebration 🎉 of All Things Emoji!

  • Emojicon NYC 2018 🗽

    "Emojicon blended the highbrow and lowbrow, from smiling piles of poop to art theory, from vegetable-shaped sex toys to questions of racial inclusion." - Buzzfeed

    Who's Coming?

    THE FIRST EMOJICON took place in San Francisco in November 2016, attracted 1,000 people across all of its events. Participants traveled from four continents to attend Emojicon: attendees hailed from Australia, China, Japan, Great Britain, Finland, India, Sweden, Hong Kong, and Germany.


    Speakers and guests included many notable emoji figures: members of the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee, the founder of Emojipedia, and a digital curator from MoMA.


    Emojicon will draw a mix of emoji aficionados across the spectrum. There will be artists, programmers, academics, marketing folks and emoji enthusiasts.

    Emojicon Features

    🎉Emoji-themed PARTY!! (featuring exclusively emoji food items)

    🎓Conference exploring the cultural and technical world of emoji


    🎨Art show


    🎲Games and activities including: Emoji Spelling Bee, Emoji Karaoke, and more!


  • Participate

    The Emojicon NYC 2018 Suggestion Box is now open!


    Want to speak at Emojicon NYC? We're looking for your pitches on the best topics and ideas around emoji.


    Anyone can submit a proposal and we welcome fun and creative ways of exploring the world of emoji.


    Submissions will be accepting on a rolling basis and the deadline to submit is has been extended to May 1, 2018


    Submit to the Emojicon NYC Suggestion Box now!


    Emojicon 2016 featured sessions ranging from an explainer of what is the Unicode Consortium, to emoji as high art with the MoMA, to emoji spellcasting! For more ideas, check out the full Emojicon 2016 schedule here.




    Be an Emojicon Volunteer!

    This is a community-driven event and we need your help to make it all happen! Volunteer your time in exchange for free attendance to the event. Contact us at hello@emojicon.co for more details.

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