• July 14, 2018

    at The Bell House, Brooklyn, NY

    Join Us for a Celebration 🎉 of All Things Emoji!

  • Welcome Statement 🖐🏾🖖

    Digital communication is the fastest and most convenient way to connect with the important people in our lives. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 But it’s often lacking a key ingredient: emotional context typically conveyed by vocal tone and facial expression. In order to communicate emotionally across our digital systems, we need visual representation, or symbols. 😹😻

    Emoji have become one of the most widely used digital symbol sets, offering people around the world a universal way to add emotion and subtlety to their digital conversations. 🌍The emoji gatekeeper is Unicode Consortium, a nonprofit which runs a rigorous approval process led by its Emoji Subcommittee. As emoji use has become globally ubiquitous, managing the emoji has taken on increasing importance. It is imperative that the symbol set be representative and inclusive of people of all cultures, genders, identities, and faiths. 👳🏽🎅

    Emojination is a grassroots community developed to democratize emoji approval. 🌾By creating a network of supportive collaborators and offering them a voice on the Emoji Subcommittee, our community has won approval for nearly 100 emoji in just three annual updates. 🏆Emojicon is our flagship gathering, when the Emojination community and the public come together to discuss and celebrate all things emoji. 🗽

    Emojicon 2018 will be a day of conversations featuring multidisciplinary thinkers and experts from around the world. Topics include representation, the future of emoji and visual communication, and the intersection of politics, globalization, and digital communication. 🙌🏿 Following the day’s events, is our signature Emoji Party, an emoji-filled evening of performances, dancing, and our signature spelling bee. 💃🏾🎭


    10:00 a.m. DOORS OPEN 😎


    10:45 a.m. EMOJILANG
    Experts will discuss the perpetual question of whether emoji is a language from multiple disciplines, including linguistics, neuroscience, and computer science. 🤓

    • 📜Language vs Emoji — Paul Hunt 👯
    • Emoji as Digital Gesture — Gretchen McColluch 😉
    • Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to Understand Emoji — Sanjaya Wijeratne ⚛
    • Emoji Semiotics 🚭 — Justin Bai
    • Neuromoji👾: How emoji are changing our brains — Keith Broni
    • 🍵👍Where’s the Bubble Tea? Mining Missing emoji from a Social App — Ranjitha Kumar
    11:30 p.m. EMOJIPRAXIS
    We’ll explore how technologists, designers, mental health professionals, and politicians are implementing emoji in their communications in new and innovative ways. 🤘🏽

    • The Art of emoji in Business — Mario Davis 🍟🤑
    • 🗣Emoji as Public Awareness — Will Woodworth
    • Emoji and Our Abilities — coming soon! 🏊🏿🏋🏽
    • Emoji and Mental Health 😆😑😡😰— Drew Train

    12:30 p.m. LUNCH BREAK 🌯🍕🍣

    1:30 p.m. EMOJIPOL
    Visual communication packs a powerful punch, and nowhere is this more true in the application of emoji to politics. We’ll discuss current geopolitical issues from around the world, including how emoji is being used to express opinions about health care and guns, the controversy over flag emoji, and how emoji is affecting the politics of sex, gender, and race.

    • Internationalization of emoji 🌍 — coming soon!
    • 👄🍒Sex & Emoji — coming soon!
    • Emoji & the Law ⚖— Eric Goldman
    • 🎃🔫Let’s Talk About the Gun emoji — Mark Davis, Desmond Patton, Jane Soloman
    • Public Health & emoji — Marla Shaivitz, Melissa Thermidor 🤒💊
    • The Politics of the Flag — coming soon! 🇨🇳 😶
    2:30 p.m. EMOJICRAFT
    We’ll learn about the technology that powers emoji across the digital landscape, and get the behind-the-scenes story of how the first emoji was created. 💥

    • 🌥Behind the Tech — Amy Papaelias
    • Perfection at birth: the OG emoji — Hamish Smyth, Jesse Reed 😀

    3:30 p.m. EMOJIMATTER 🏬
    Although it started as a purely digital phenomenon, emoji has long since moved into the physical world. We’ll see how artists, designers, and theorists are reinterpreting emoji for use in physical spaces, and discuss what it means when an icon set designed for virtual conversations crosses over into the corporeal world. 📌

    • Hanmoji Calligraphy ✍🏾 — An Xia Mina, Jason Li
    • 🆕Let’s Create! More Moji workshop — Lilian Stolk
    • 💡Reimagining the emoji Creation Process — Jen Wolf 🤔

    4:30 p.m. WRAP UP 🌅

    5 - 7 p.m. VIP RECEPTION AND DINNER 🍸🐸[VIP tickets required]

    6 - 12 p.m. EMOJI PARTY 🎉

    Join us for the popular Emoji Party! Featuring exclusively emoji food items, emoji games, and performances. Come dressed as your favorite emoji and enter the Emoji Costume Contest!

    6 - 7 p.m. EMOJI SPELLING BEE 🗯

    7:30 - 8 p.m. EMOJILAND ENSEMBLE 🎺

    9 p.m. EMOJIAOKE 🎤

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  • Emojicon NY 2018 🗽

    "Emojicon blended the highbrow and lowbrow, from smiling piles of poop to art theory, from vegetable-shaped sex toys to questions of racial inclusion." - Buzzfeed

    Who's Coming?

    THE FIRST EMOJICON took place in San Francisco in November 2016, attracted 1,000 people across all of its events. Participants traveled from four continents to attend Emojicon: attendees hailed from Australia, China, Japan, Great Britain, Finland, India, Sweden, Hong Kong, and Germany.


    Speakers and guests included many notable emoji figures: members of the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee, the founder of Emojipedia, and a digital curator from MoMA.


    Emojicon will draw a mix of emoji aficionados across the spectrum. There will be artists, programmers, academics, marketing folks and emoji enthusiasts.

    Emojicon Features

    🎉Emoji-themed PARTY!! (featuring exclusively emoji food items)

    🎓Conference exploring the cultural and technical world of emoji


    🎨Art show


    🎲Games and activities including: Emoji Spelling Bee, Emoji Karaoke, and more!


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